Starting a new game , we golutcy like a baby , the priority is therefore to find a safe and possibly a nice place to place home. After the ” beheading ” of several trees with bare fists get first materials that use clever crafting menu we can process on the other , for example, we need a tool or blocks . In this way, slowly we become owners of wooden pickaxes , shovels and other useful items to help you cope in this universe . They allow you to get other, more permanent blocks , in this case the rock. In turn, making it the tools enables even harder ore mining , which – when melted in an oven pre- built , pre- mined coal burned – as you probably guessed , allows you to create even better tools . Other things worth acquiring literally come from animals – cows, pigs , sheep and chickens, which from time to time you may encounter in the light of the day. Besides meat, the eating of health points back to us , we can also get them skin , wool or feathers . It should , however, be careful when exploring – very easy to quite by chance unwelcome fall into the stream of lava , great gulf or on hostile creatures , and the peak of frustration by a stupid mistake to lose all the collected resources . Our main enemy is the night – then the areas unlit by torches appear dangerous creatures of all kinds, such as zombies , spiders, skeletons armed with bows, the infamous exploding creepery and mysterious Endermani , look straight in the face which can cause immediate attack , regardless of the distance from them are. The primary way to deal with all those nasty creatures is to construct a safe haven , where you can spend the night . Areas frequented worth illuminating torches , although there is no guarantee that the creatures do not przybłąkają the case of the boundary of light and darkness. Braver players can take the fight to them , having prepared previously swords, bows and arrows and armor made ​​of leather or harder materials . It is also the only way to get a bit more rare materials to create sophisticated tools and blocks.

But what to do when the house is ready and we have enough raw materials to embarrass the domestic mining industry ? It should look good in your surroundings . Let’s take for example this flat wall top … could be here to put the Fortress of Evil , with a giant skull on the front and lava flowing from her eyes ! And on that island can erect a replica of the Statue of Liberty ! Power changes the landscape is with us – now remains only to use it. But this is not the end of the opportunities offered by the game – stubborn explorers may come across the village NPCs , the ruins of both underground and above-ground , abandoned mine shafts , and who knows what else. The most persistent have a chance to build a portal to hell Nether , underground world filled with fire , demons, and their fortresses – and another portion of valuable materials. An additional advantage of this layer of reality is its relationship to the main world – each block corresponds Netherworldu 8 blocks in the real world , so you can design your systems quickly travel between the most interesting sites.

There is also another sphere of reality , to which very hard to get through , called The End . To get there , you have to spend nielichą amount of resources – up to 12 pearls Endermanów that you should first obtain – what else – beating Endermana in battle, and 6 Blaze Houses , to gain by murdering the inhabitants of Nether fire . Then, waiting for us to find in the natural world abandoned fortress , which houses the portal , giving to activate the aforementioned resources. After going through it we find ourselves in a strange , dark world of floating islands , obsidian towers and many, many Endermanów . If we’re careful , we can also meet there Endersmoka … and survive.


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